The biology department offers a yearlong introductory course which satisfies part of the diploma requirement for a laboratory science. Most Juniors will take Biology 100 as their introductory science course. Uppers and Seniors are placed in Biology 550 or 560, 570, 580 by the department chair. In general, students who have had a year of biology and honors in chemistry, or have had AP Chemistry and AP Physics, will be in the 560, 570, 580 sequence. Most other students who wish to take the Biology AP exam should take Biology 550.

Lowers may take biology only by special permission from the department chair.

BIOL-560 Cellular Biology (AP)


Five class periods, of which two will be in the laboratory. Following a brief review of chemical principles,
the course examines the major classes of biomolecules and how they are synthesized and degraded in the cell, with emphasis on reactions associated with energy
conversion pathways such as respiration and photosynthesis. Enzyme function is considered both in terms of mechanisms of action and with regard to kinetics. The relationship between structure and function at the
molecular level is emphasized in studies of molecular genetics and the control of genetic expression. Biotechnology is introduced through the laboratory. Not open to those who have had Biology 550. This course may require more than the standard four to five hours of homework per week. Prerequisite: Honors in a yearlong course in chemistry. Previous work in biology is strongly recommended. Students who have not had a yearlong biology course must have the permission of the department chair to take this course.

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