Biology 570 Webpage

General Sites Concerning Anatomy and Physiology

Anatomy and Physiology WWW Sites A site linking many good sites covering all aspects of anatomy and physiology. This is a really good resource.

Vertebrate Physiology and Human Biology An interesting site that has some cool interactive exercises concerning the histology, integumentary system and the skeletal system.

Cat Dissection Links:

These sites should prove helpful as study aids.

Bio 129 Cat Dissection Page This site has outstanding photos of a cat dissection. There is a self quiz with readily available answers.

Virtual Cat Dissection Another excellent dissection site, especially for viewing the muscular system.

Web-based Cat Dissection Review for Human anatomy and Physiology This is a demo of McGraw Hill's virtual cat dissection program. You can do a virtual muscle dissection using this demo, which allows you to see the human homologues of cat muscles. Take a look! This is a really excellent virtual cat dissection.

A/P Lab Another comprehensive site that includes photos of dissected cat systems, but also other lots of other stuff as well.

Visible Human Project

Visible Human Project This is the location of the MRI and CT cross sections of a human cadaver. There are links to images and software for viewing the cross sections.

NPAC/OLDA Visible Human Viewer A Java applet that allows access to the data base. This is where I got the image that serves as a background for this webpage.

Histology and Pathology

HistoWeb A very nice compilation of histology pictures, organized by organ type

Animal Cells and Tissues A review of animal tissues from the on-line biology book

The Internet Pathology Laboratory for Medical Education Information here on anatomy, histology and pathology. Includes images from the Visible Human Project

The Integumentary System

The Integumentary System A really nice overview of the skin

Skeletal System

Gross Skeletal Anatomy

Gross Skeletal Anatomy A nice site containing animations of skeletal anatomy.

Bone Tissues and Bone Types Micro and macro anatomy of bones

Skeleton: The Bones An excellent review of the skeleton.

Bone Physiology

Osteoporosis and Bone Physiology If you want some detailed information about bone physiology, including the process of bone growth and remodeling (for example, how mechanical stress leads to bone modification and strengthening), this is the place to look.

Bone Growth and Maintainance Simple animations of bone growth and maintainance

Muscular System

Pages with useful animations of muscle action

The mechanism of filament sliding during contraction of a myofibril A nice site that accompanies the textbook Neurobiology covering all of the steps in muscle contraction in a simple animation.

Muscle contraction A short film showing the contraction of several sarcomeres

San Diego State University College of Sciences Biology 590 - Human Physiology A cool 3D animation of the muscle contraction cycle. Take a peek.

WebAnatomyMuscle Physiology - Simulation #1 Another far-out animation. This one is accompanied by questions to test your knowledge of the microanatomy of the muscle.

Online texts covering muscle physiology

Kimbell's Biology Textbook Muscles Chapter Kimbell is a former PA Biology instructor who has put his textbook online for all to use. His chapters tend to be short and concise supported by good figures.

Muscular System From the Human Anatomy On-Line site.

Muscular and Skeletal System From the Online Biology Book.

Muscle Physiology Webpage A comprehensive site covering all aspects of muscle physiology from the Muscle Physiology Laboratory of the University of California, San Diego

Neuromuscular Disease Center A fantastic resource linking the molecular, cellular, and histological physiology of neuromuscular function with a comprehensive index of neuromuscular diseases. Highly recommended!

Nervous System

Pages with useful animations of neuron function:

Establishment of resting potential This is a simple animation of how the resting potential of the cell is established and maintained (from the University of California at Santa Barbara)

The Resting Membrane Potential Another good tutorial on how the resting potential is established from WHFreeman

Action Potential

Saltatory versus continuous action potential perpetuation

Varieties of neurotransmission

The basics of neurobiology This site covers neuron structure and function, the establishment of the resting potential, the action potential and the release of neurotransmittors at the axon terminus.

Neurobiology This site has a series of narrated animation of a variety of topics relating to neurobiology.

Synaptic Transmission: A Four Step Process A site covering the details of synaptic transmission with terrific animations, funky music, and excellent accompanying text. This includes a lot of information on the way drugs inteact with neurons to have their effects on the nervous system.

Arrival of the action potential at the axon terminus An animation of what happens at the axon terminus when the action potential arrives (another from UCSB).

Online texts covering nervous system physiology

Endocrine System

Online texts :

Endocrine glands and their hormones An excellent site supporting a human anatomy and physiology course at Springfield Community College

Pathophysiology of the Endocrine System From Colorado State University