The biology department offers a yearlong introductory course which satisfies part of the diploma requirement for a laboratory science. Most Juniors will take Biology 100 as their introductory science course. Uppers and Seniors are placed in Biology 550 or 560, 570, 580 by the department chair. In general, students who have had a year of biology and honors in chemistry, or have had AP Chemistry and AP Physics, will be in the 560, 570, 580 sequence. Most other students who wish to take the Biology AP exam should take Biology 550.

Lowers may take biology only by special permission from the department chair.

BIOL-610 Molecular Biology Independent Research


Students wishing to continue work from Biology 600 may apply directly to the instructor for permission to enroll in Biology 610. Enrollment is strictly limited and is at the discretion of the instructor and the biology department chair. Laboratory schedules will be determined on a case-by-case basis; however, a student must be able to be in the lab for a minimum of eight hours per week at times when the instructor is available for supervision. This course is an advanced course that may require more than the standard nine hours of work per week. Requirements for successful completion of the term are similar to those for Biology 600. This course, if failed, cannot be made up by examination.

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